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Tet Offensive essays

Tet Offensive essays Vietnam was not only a war to the American people it was a massacre. The Tet Offensive was a Vietnamese lunar holiday, which celebrated the year of the monkey, which was usually a very peaceful and calm period but not at this time. This certain day was supposed to be a celebrated cease-fire holiday until the NLF(National Liberation Forces), NVA(North Vietnam Army), and the Vietcong forces unleashed the biggest surprise to the South Vietnamese and U.S. sources. Many historians thought it of as the turning point of the war but if not that it at least marked a crucial time in the Vietnam War. It was a great wake up call for the Southern Vietnamese and U.S. troops. The American intervention in Vietnam began in 1963 with the direct aim of stopping the South falling into 'communist' hands. In August of that year, Lyndon Johnson, who had taken over the American presidency in the wake of the assassination of John F. Kennedy, ordered the first air strikes on the North. Only 6 months later the rolling thunder air campaign was constructed. In just this campaign alone more bombs were dropped on North Vietnam than in all of World War two. Seven million tons of bombs and other hazardous weapons were dropped leaving an outstanding number of 2.6 million Vietnamese dead. On the night of January 31,1968 there were 70,000 Vietnamese soldiers launched as The Tet Offensive. It began so sudden that the allied forces, which were South Vietnam, and the US were left stunned and had to plan their revenge. All these 70,000 men were made up of mostly NLF (National Liberation Forces) and NVA( North Vietnamese Army) attacked the US and South Vietnamese military and government instillations throughout the country. It was a campaign that had been in preparation since a study carried out by General Giap in September 1967 had concluded that the war had reached a 'stalemate' situation and that something needed to be done. Out of this report ar...

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HIPAA, CIA, and Safeguards Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

HIPAA, CIA, and Safeguards - Case Study Example It never took enough precautionary measures to ensure the privacy of information. Investigations also revealed that the organization never implemented enough physical safeguards. This is due to the fact that it never had proper facility access controls. In fact, the requirements are as per HIPAA security rules. It has been noticed that health plans as well as health care providers do not comply with the requirements of HIPAA as far as information security is concerned. HITECH Breach notification rule is assertive in ensuring that rights of patients are protected. The rights ensure that information about the patient is given protection to enable privacy of the service (HHS, 2012). Apart from paying $1.5 million, BCBST had to promise to review and revise its policies concerning security and privacy. The health providers and health plans do not provide robust and regular training for employees as required by HIPAA rules. It is required that confidentiality of information is maintained such that the information is not disclosed to unauthorized people. OCR has investigated issues on lack of compliance. It investigated several institutions including hospital chains, small provider offices, major medical centers, national pharmacy chains, health insurance issuers, and group health plans among others. OCR has been specific in its investigations (Gibson, 2013). Among the issues include patients lacking access to protected health information, PHI. It was found that there are no proper safeguards to PHI. The health institutions do not put implement proper administrative safeguards that are used to protect electronic the protected health information. Another issue was unauthorized disclosure or use of more than the minimum necessary protected health information. Another case happened to Hospice of North Idaho when it violated HIPAA security rule. It agreed to pay the government $50000. According to the investigations of OCR, it was found that an unencrypted

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European Law - law essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 5000 words

European Law - law - Essay Example This exemption is also available to agreements, which engender technical or economic progress that proves beneficial to consumers. However, these agreements should not destroy the competitive market for similar products1. The Commission had published the Guidelines with regard to the applicability of Article 81 EC to horizontal cooperation agreements. By virtue of these Guidelines, the Commission has expanded its erstwhile perspective and relies on the market power of companies as the most suitable test in this context. In this manner, the Commission is aiming to render the prerequisites for applying Article 81(1) EC, proximate to the merger control norms. This approach seems to be unjustified from the perspective of policy decision, because it relaxes the standards set out for the relevant markets. In addition, it is also inadequate from a legal point of view, for the implementation of the provisions of Article 81(1) EC; because, the market power of companies constitutes an inappropriate test in this regard2. In order to adopt an economics – based application of Article 81(1) EC, the Commission would be hard placed to acquire the necessary human resources, which could prove to be quite burdensome. Furthermore, Article 81 EC does not cover all agreements. It only covers agreements that restrict competition. The Commission had extended its application purview to new thresholds such as free market shares through the Notice on agreements of minor importance of 2001. This Notice deals with agreements that impose non – appreciable horizontal and vertical restrictions on competition. However, it excludes hard core restrictions. The new parameters could possibly exclude agreements between small and medium sized companies3. Agreements, that attempt to prevent, distort or restrict competition in the common market, are in violation of Article 81(1) EC. If an agreement violates Article 81(1) EC, then it is not necessary to

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Natural And Human Sciences. Biological and Social Theories of Essay

Natural And Human Sciences. Biological and Social Theories of Evolution - Essay Example â€Å"A theory is an explanation or model based on observation, experimentation, and reasoning, especially one that has been tested and confirmed as a general principle helping to explain and predict natural phenomena.† (Quoted in Theories are articulated and modified for the exploration of facts and realities on the foundation of deep observation, adequate evidence and critical examination of the available information. â€Å"The vehicle of all understanding†, Turner submits, â€Å"in science is theory. Theory is a way of answering the questions.† (2006, p. 2) Hence, theories establish principles and laws and add to the knowledge of scholars, intellectuals, philosophers and the masses as well regarding multiple disciplines and issues at large. Thus, theories are equally important in natural and social sciences for the establishment of various concepts and parameters in the light of which further developments are made in some specific field of knowle dge. Though both natural and human sciences consist of theories, yet difference in both these sciences can also be witnessed in their theoretical frameworks. Pure or natural sciences concentrate upon examination of natural, organic, inorganic, physical and nonhuman laws, rules and aspects related to the earth and universe. On the other hand, social or human sciences study the existing social, cultural, religious and psychological phenomena on scientific grounds. Physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy, engineering, aeronautical science and pharmacy etc come under the definition of natural sciences, while sociology, theology, economics, history, psychology, philosophy and others are called human sciences. Though natural and human sciences appear to be entirely different from one another, yet they maintain many similarities and commonalities between them; almost same is the case with the theoretical frameworks related to both these forms of science. The similarities between the nature and scope of pure and human sciences can be analyzed as under: Biological and Social Theories of Evolution: Evolution theory enjoys a very important status in pure and social sciences. Though experiments had been made several times in past in respect of discovering the origin of humans and other living creatures, yet it was Charles Darwin who first time presented a comprehensive evolution theory on the basis of his in-depth research on fossil remains and living things including humans, fauna and flora in order to make a decisive conclusion regarding human evolution. Darwin has articulated his concept of natural selection in his world famous work On the Origin of Species, where he submits to state that it is the rule of nature that only the fittest and most suitable living creatures survive and multiply; the rest of the creatures start weakening, and eventually perish away with the passage of time. Hence, Darwin is of the opinion that those creatures and living things that have the a bility to adapt themselves according to the always changing natural and physical condition, survive and reproduce. On the other hand, the living things that either lack adaptability or sufficient strength necessary to defeat the external threats and impediments, are sure to expire, and thus lose the signs of their existence even. Darwin has submitted that the process of natural selection is the foundation of evolution of human generations. â€Å"As natural selection acts solely by the preservation of profitable modifications, each new form will tend in a fully stocked country to take the place of, and finally to exterminate its own less improved parent-form and other less favored forms, with which it comes into competition.† (1872, p.159) Darwin vehemently argues in favor of the notion natural

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Essay --

These lyrics are from an 80’s rock band by the name of Toto. These words might have accurately described the feelings of those people living at the time of the birth of Jesus –people who were wondering and hoping for a change, people who were hoping to receive a gift greater than what they could give of themselves. It was only about three weeks when we celebrated the birth of Jesus in this world on the 25th of December. Along with worship, we opportunities to exchange a bunch of gifts, eating a great deal of good food, sharing conversation, potentially loading up the car and traveling from one house to another, only to reach those last days of December and beginning days of January with our tongues hanging out and sprawled out on the couch from exhaustion, and for some of us, eating too much food and/or chocolate. There may be times when we might wonder why all this needs to be done, and we begin to consider that we are really living out the Spirit of Christmas giving and sharing gifts and time with others in a very hurried way. This could be the only time we get to visit with other family, if the family is spread out over a great distance. †¦ This is the time of year when we have the opportunities to share material gifts, as well as the gift of love and care. Do we ever stop, however, to wonder about the gift of hope? Where did we leave it in the midst of our packing and preparing in those stress-filled hours before the Christmas celebration? How did we manage to overlook that precious gift of hope as we struggled through the parking lots and mobs of other shoppers at the mall? Do we feel it within ourselves as we attempt to find something to say on the 100th Christmas card, or mail the umpteenth email or facebook mess... ...before us? Our faith may waver from time to time, but we always fall back on hope – even for the most pessimistic of us – hope is what brought the Magi to the stable in Bethlehem and it also brings us to the stable, kneeling before the Christ child in our hearts and minds. Are we still willing to humble ourselves this Christmas season before this child that brought nations in conflict to their knees? Are we still willing to experience hope and not be confused and deceived by the materialism that seems to control the holiday? Just as our 80’s rock song suggests, we need to believe in the things that we need to survive. During this Christmas season, let us take the time to reflect on gives us hope each and everyday – it is truly the gift that keeps giving and giving to us – regardless of where we are on our faith journeys and our proximity to our epiphanies.

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Does Immigration Affect the American Economy Essay

The original inhabitants of North America were Native Americans. Imperial powers sought to colonize the new world; staking claims to harvest and export the resources. The first attempt by the imperial powers to colonize the Native Americans proved to be unsuccessful which lead to the beginning of the mass migration to the new world, America. The first and longest period of immigration from the 17th century to the early 19th century was marked by the landing of the first fleet with the arrival of the Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock commenced immigration within North America. The majority of the first migrants hailed from the British Isles, England, Welsh, Scotland and Ireland. Many of the first settlers were people who sought to start a new life, they were for the most part young and unable to adapt in the post Napoleonic period in modern society. America offered a new start where in exchange for a period of hard labor and indentured service they could acquire small pieces of land that they could work as independent farmers. Early immigration helped to make America successful and shaped American society. The Affects of Immigration in the Lower Working Class of America Introduction – The Lower Working Class The indentured servants were the first lower working class of Americans; men and women who sought to come to America but, were unable to pay for the voyage entered into an agreement with employers to work for a specified period of time in exchange for their voyage. The working class endured harsh labor and conditions; among the most notable populations of indentured servants were the Irish. The lowest class, the Irish population predominantly Catholic, were outcasts among the protestant Americans. The Irish endured aversion and a strong anti-Catholic sentiment; including the creation of a political party, The Know Nothings, the platform was built on anti-immigration and anti-Catholicism (Diner, 2008). Working Class Job Availability Before Immigration As America became more settled and the economy grew, infrastructure and industry drove the demand for immigrant workers. The 19th century introduced new technology resulted in more sophisticated ships and steamboats which made voyages less harsh for people of the world to make their trip to America; where the first settlers endured long journeys on ships that sailed. During this period there was influx of Europeans, Germans, Pols, Greeks and approximately 3 million Jews. They settled in the urban areas making up the industrial labor pool; thereby contributing to the American industrialization. The immigrant workforce made America one of the fastest growing industrialized nations in coal mining, textile factories, automobile assembly and steal manufacturing. Currently, many American companies are multinational, participating in international trade. Multinationals make America one of the largest competitors in the global market. Many American fortune 500 companies are seeking qualified immigrants for their talent pool and workforce diversification strategy. Companies such as Wells Fargo and Co. , CISCO, GAP Inc. attribute a portion of their global success to having an ethnically diverse workforce. Companies are coming together to share in best practices and competitive advantages of hiring immigrant professionals. Immigration and the American Economy New Consumers Immigrants as Consumers Immigrants now are contributing the strength of the middle, upper middle classes in America. For the most part, immigrants who successfully immigrate to America are well educated, have a wealth of experience and are driven to succeed. It is the strong middle class which supports the economy and contributes to consumer spending. The correlation between a strong middle class, consumer sentiment, and consumer spending is apparent in the performance of the economy. Gallup polls used to gauge consumer confidence and consumer spending among immigrant populations may be higher due to a more positive economic outlook vs. American sentiment. Immigrants as Business Owners The immigrant workforce has contributed to the success of the American economy through filling gaps in the workforce where work groups were lacking; I. e. computer science and service oriented fields. Reports from the Department of Commerce show successful business models in family owned and operated businesses for immigrant owned businesses. They are flourishing partly due to the sub economies created in close knit homogeneous towns and networks, for example China Town and Little Italy. There are also the service oriented businesses set up according to value driven models, offering highly desired services at discount prices in sectors such as salons, restaurants, as well as building and maintenance. These businesses provide many American’s with value added services at prices that are affordable to working class. Another attribute to the success of these businesses is that they tend to be significantly cashed up, using their own funds to set up and operate. Income Wage Differences Immigrant Fulfillment of Economic Labor Shortages Future of Immigration and the American Economy The future of immigration and the American Economy is uncertain; there is little room in the current administrations budget with regard to helping immigrants complete the process in a timely and efficient manner. The focus is currently on security and streamlining immigration processes as it relates to documenting immigrants and processing the current applications. Immigrants who are in pending statuses are likely to be denied due to time and budgetary constraints. The immigration issue is identifying those who are here illegally and then to decide what within legal and humanitarian boundaries what to do with this population. Many resources are being utilized to enforce and protect the border. This leaves the United States of America with a large dilemma, who will fill the jobs these people currently do and how will their absence affect the our economic productivity? The Long Term Immigration is becoming more difficult in United States; it is too soon to tell the economic impact. The affects of globalization support the ethnically diverse workforce and the overall success of multinational companies which in turn would support legal immigration. Current data would support the theory that for a country to be a strong competitor in the global market, it would have to possess a strong ethnically diverse world class workforce.

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Reasons For Emergence Of Terrorism Free Essay Example, 1000 words

At all levels of government, every security and emergency agency seems to be engrossed in their affairs. None of them seems to have the time to establish what the other is doing(Preston, Avery, Chakrabarty, Edmonds, 2011). This lack of coordination makes it possible for terrorists to ambush, attack and disappear, leaving these agencies to point fingers at one another. As far as terrorism emergency response is concerned, the City of Metropolis will take a proactive, not reactive, approach. To this end, the Emergency Response Unit will establish two lines of communication, one exclusively devoted to emergency communications with the FEMA and the state emergency department each. This move, it is believed, will enhance coordination among the three players. Effective communication with the public in the event of a terrorist emergency is critical to reducing the number of casualties(Sloan, 2010). Consequently, the City will establish the Office of Terrorism Prevention under the City s Em ergency Response Unit. The main function of the office will be to inform the dwellers of Metropolis of any impending terrorist risk. This function will necessitate the office working very closely with city, state and federal security agencies. We will write a custom essay sample on Reasons For Emergence Of Terrorism or any topic specifically for you Only $17.96 $11.86/pageorder now The office will also educate residents of the City on how to detect and report any suspected terrorist activities and how to stay safe in the event of a terrorist attack. This latter function will be an ongoing one. Many terrorist attacks result in casualties(Simon, 2008). In addition, other people sustain serious injuries while families are scattered. Where a family loses a breadwinner, the effects can be devastating and far-reaching. Until now, the city has not had a structured way of identifying and supporting victims of terrorist acts. In recognition of these facts, the City of Metropolis will establish the Victim Support Office whose main mandate will be to positively identify the victims of terrorist acts and support them accordingly.